The Chrysler 300: A Legendary Pedigree


The MOPARS in Mad Max 4: Fury Road




In the mix-and-match world of classic Australian muscle, the 1971–78 Chrysler Valiant Charger is something of a companion to Ford’s XB Falcon that plays so prominently in the Mad Max mythology. So in Fury Road there are at least two Valiant Chargers featured. This one, called Peacemaker, isn’t so much a Chrysler of any sort as it is some classic sheetmetal stretched out over a U.S.-made Ripsaw light-tank chassis. In the film, it’s piloted by a character called The Bullet Farmer and is used in several socially malevolent ways.

Plymouth Rock


The Plymouth Rock car is built on a 1937 Plymouth Sedan frame covered with over 200 metal spikes including wheel-mounted spikes for ripping sidewalls out of enemy cars.

Prince Valiant


A second Valiant made its appearance as Prince Valiant.  Built off a 1971 Australian Valiant Charger, it features a V8 and “rust” flames on the hood and front panel.  Weapon systems include a high-volume flamethrower, Molotov grenades, and a crew of three-assault shooters.



Dodge is an old-school hot rod featuring a rear-facing flamethrower.  Powering this beast is a Roots blower unconventionally mounted low ahead of the radiator.