Australian Police choose Chrysler 300 SRT for highway patrol

NSW police have unveiled their new hi-tech highway patrol car as the homegrown Holdens and Fords reach the end of the road after almost half a century of service.

General duties police will continue to use Toyota Camry sedans, but finding suitable replacements for budget-priced Australian-made highway patrol cars has been more difficult.

Authorities assessed 17 cars over the past three years before deciding on two purpose-built vehicles from BMW and Chrysler.

Assistant police commissioner Michael Corboy, head of the Traffic and Highway Patrol Command, said the “whole of life cost” of the new cars is comparable to Falcons and Commodores once fuel economy, servicing and the money recouped from resale prices are taken into account.

“It’s no secret we don’t make cars in Australia any more so we had to go outside of Australia. The two manufacturers we’ve gone with … make ready-to-go police cars for around the world,” said Mr Corboy.

Chrysler and Dodge Exit New Zealand


Chrysler and Dodge have stopped selling vehicles in New Zealand as a result of a decision taken by importer Ateco Automotive.

Ateco will continue to sell Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Jeep and Ram models through a network of dealers in Auckland and beyond.

The importer is understood to have stopped selling Chrysler and Dodge vehicles because of a lack of commitment to right-hand-drive production from Detroit.